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CE Solutions is accredited by The Texas Department of Health CE Provider number 101129 and The California EMS Authority provider number 94-4601. Our program has been accredited and re-accredited by these agencies since 1997 and we fully expect the program to be re-accredited in the future however, we cannot guarantee that the program will remain accredited by any agency at any time. In addition, we cannot guarantee that any state where our program is currently accepted in will not change regulations or policies that will affect our acceptance by that or any other agency. CE Solutions does not assume any liability for courses taken that are not accepted by your regulatory agency. It is your responsibility to ensure the continuing education courses are accepted by your agency.

The member agrees to participate in this medical continuing education program with full knowledge and awareness that they waive any claim they may have against CE Solutions for reliance on any information presented in this program. In addition, the attendee also waives any claim they have against CE Solutions for injury or other damage which may result in any way from their participation in this program or non-acceptance of this CE program by their regulatory department. We would not provide this site and information without such limitations.

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Should you find a product that you have received from us unsatisfactory, we expect you to be able to tell us why, and of course we will refund your payment if you have not received any continuing education certificates, attempted any exams, not accessed courses for any duration,  or attended a VILT course for any duration. In all cases where a refund is offered we reserve the right to make an administration charge of ten percent to cover the expenses of processing your order and refund. No refunds will be issued after seven days. If you do not meet these requirements, a refund will not be available.

Chargebacks are rare, but they do occur. The most common reason for a chargeback is that the cardholder does not recognize the charge on their credit card. If you dispute the charges via the chargeback method for reasons other than fraud, you will be assessed a chargeback fee of $35. Merchant accounts have mandatory chargeback fees that are charged whenever there is a chargeback claim (valid or not). In addition, when a customer files a chargeback, there are also penalties assessed. These fees and penalties are passed on to the consumer claiming the non-fraudulent chargeback.

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Students are required to be in attendance and prepared for class prior to the scheduled start time of the VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) course. Students may not be allowed to enter the VILT course after the posted start time.

Students will be responsible for active participation during the VILT course. Student agrees that in order to remain active in a VILT course, a minimum amount of time must be spent in the VILT classroom and polls and questions must be responded to in a timely manner. CE Solutions reserves the right to remove any student from a VILT course without notice for inactivity and it is the student’s responsibility to attend another VILT course for credit.

It is the responsibility of the student to have a suitable working internet connection while attending all VILT courses. Students who lose connection or have technical difficulties during the VILT course will need to register for a future offering of the course. Technical support will only be available up to 15 minutes prior to the start of VILT course during CE Solutions’ normal business hours.

Students agree that VILT courses may be cancelled or delayed due to instructor availability, student minimums are not met and/or technical issues.

Although students are able to work at their own pace, students agree that the VILT course is designed to be taken over a 1 year period from the date of registration. CE Solutions makes no guarantee regarding space available, course availability or times, and dates of courses. Students agree that VILT course space is limited and deadlines may not be met. Refunds are not available for unused areas of the program.

Registering for a VILT course does not guarantee admission to the course. The fact that many users register for a course and then do not attend, is the reason that we utilize a first-come, first-served system to allow entry into the class. It is suggested that you enter the online course at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.